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First--Off! LET'S GO!!!!

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

RIP Virgil Abloh! Now we got that out the way...Lets get to a bag! Welcome to pioneer 3d social media and shopping center. The Driphunter Community is our network of enthusiist, professionals, gamers and treasure hunters. This is my person blog. Here I will add MEMBER ONLY secret missions. These give perks that can pay big dividends. We are an agency for web3 excellence.

DripHunt 1 Treasure Map

A IRL geocache map with real prizes. This will include drip, jewelry, passes, and affiliate merch. DripHunters will be leveled up wit points and badges, which give status. Map #1 is a real treasure map, no digging required. Visit locations, ask questions, chat for clues. Solve the mysteries and puzzles. Share it on our socials and be rewarded with coin. will be released to members with hunter status.

DripHunt 1 Hit List

This is another DripHunter Exclusive. This is an online treasure hunt. Mission orders will be to visit sites and social, user testing, sharing and spending on affiliated projects. This will all be accountable and rewarded with prizes and tradables. Hallows Eve, at "BLOCKTOBERFEST", we will present the maps and begin the hunt. Join us on discord or youtube live. Dont be fooled by copycats and scammers. Many imitators and de-validators have been circling like vultures. Lets keep this safe, hater-free, sucker-free, secure and bot free.


This Is Our Yearly Halloween Block Party. We will be costumed out MC'ing the fun. We will have performances from local artists, vendors from local businesses, contests, and more. We will be live on social with more prizes and contests. Join us by purchasing your early bird ticket on the homebase page.

"The Village Talk Sow"

After 9pm on Discord/YouTube

This is our Discord Live server, open mic and free speech. Plug your business, socials, gaming, talent whatever! We will be discussing trending topics, site governance, jobs, sports, parties and events and applications, and all that good stuff! Spotlight thread on discrod will become sponsored on this website. This will benefit you greatly in many ways, notably level you up for participating==$$$

"The MetaBus" Road Trip

I will be chronicling my journey through metafashion and entertainment on a 800 sqft tour bus equipped with store, office, party on wheels. Travel alongside as I visit affiliates and associated destinations like local dispensaries, clubs, skate shows, sneaker conventions, fashion shows, concerts, nature. This is where we will be plotting your treasure hunt. We will have an updated list of venues soon. Become one by simply signing-in and chatting with us on homebase page.

"NFTboys" Onboarding

"Nftboys" Development Team is live onboarding and hiring every Thursday @9pm eastern on discord. Login on homepage, then give a virtual hug to sign-in. We are looking for local metamen and women. Any experience level is welcome. We are focused on growing our community with passionate enthusiast and professionals. Come learn what we can accomplish together. As you know NFTboys is NOT ONLY about nfts, we are about the entire digital entertainment industry. We develop web3, apks, api's, webp, web games, unreal, unity, PlayStation and Microsoft apps. In production we have apps and games now. Not to mention our Token Dao writers, who can create your coins/nfts with metadata. We want to hire freelancers for now and then hire full-timers We will have a task list thread in which individuals can complete and certify for coin. Join our community and add your skills to your profiles!

Affiliate Programs

"CLOUD-9 METAMALL" offers an affiliate key to get automatically paid for selling our products. Just cut and paste code to embed in your website or social. This will create an ad for the metamall and track your link to payout for any purchases made during user lead session. Introductory rate for all sales is 12% to the referring contact. The AFFILIATE KEY IS:

Since copyright laws and morals are invisible now, I'm just going to make this my MEMBERS ONLY blog. The reason is simple; people would rather steal your intellectual property and fail then join the movement. Thank his Majesty for the insights. That simply wont be tolerated over here. I personally will cut the head off all the vipers and roaches copying my style. I see you! And I have a vendetta. Here at in the Driphunter Community we thrive on innovation, lure and social networking; 3 things that hard to quantify, but easy to copy. As a deterrent to scum suckers that be, I am personally making this the safest destination for your intellectual property and ours. Lets do our part to keep the choice destination new shoppers, gamers, professionals, artists, speakers, sportz, influencers, and vibez.


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