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Introducing "The Talent Tank"

Hello Driphunters! We like to thank our participants. Please continue to like share and subscribe to the "CLOUD-9" movement. Prize Winners reach out on chat if you haven't!

This month we are doing an irl "The Talent Tank" Connecticut. This is our all new live Innovations Talent Show. We will interview contestants and have a live demo. Judges and crowd voting decide winners. Scholarships and vouchers are the prizes. We encourage people to join our revolution! Only on #gameshow #talentshow #thehunt #thedriphunter #technology #3d #Metaverse


We have implemented a new social network for members only, where you can chat, design, use plug-ins and run your own shop. It's a great idea to leave a business profile with videos and links. Lets make these pop.

Sign in to to follow #thehunt and win BIG!

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